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Sky also provide a 'Freesat-from-Sky' option (not to be confused with Freesat) for a one off payment which has the free-to-air channels plus a small number of free-to-view ones (which require a Sky viewing card).

This list details the current channels available on Sky in the United Kingdom (UK) and Republic of Ireland (Ireland or Ro I). Channels that can be added to the Original Bundle (in the UK), meaning you get both bundles.

Half-price Merlin attraction tickets will be issued as one code, valid for two half-price tickets, via the email address on your Now TV account, within 72 hours. Maximum of 6 half-price Merlin attraction tickets allowed per Now TV account.

SKY Television will be launching five exciting new foreign language channels in February, including a Filipino channel and two Hindi channels, as well as two new Chinese channels, just in time to welcome in the Chinese New Year.

Star Plus which is currently broadcasting on SKY Channel 315 will remain on SKY but moves to the new home of Channel 150 on Tuesday 9 February where it will available at a reduced monthly rate.

The existing foreign language channels operated by WTV will come off SKY on Tuesday 1 March.

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For those who bring theirs from the UK, once you have installed a new, bigger, dish to receive the signal from the Astra 2 satellite (the SKY mini-dish is not recommended across most of France, although it will work, as the satellite signals get weaker the further south of the UK you live), you will receive exactly the same channels as in the UK, save for the fact that your telephone line will no longer be connected if you have a SKY digibox.

These new channels will offer superb entertainment content and will help bring your own culture closer to home here in New Zealand.” To subscribe to the channels you must be either a SKY Basic or Broadcast subscriber before being able to add the new line-up.

SKY subscribers will be able to sample all of the new channels for a month after the launch date at no extra charge.

The new channels will launching on Tuesday 9will bring you closer to Bollywood.

SKY’s Director of Content Strategy, Megan King commented: “At SKY, we’re always evolving to provide our customers with a world class entertainment experience.

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