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Needless to say their aren't any free alternatives that I could find that provide 1 minute granularity, and SSL/TLS healthchecks that can do negative content verification. So, I spun up an EC2 t2.nano, which can be had for about a month, and installed icinga 2.4, on an Ubuntu 14.04 instance. I have to say I'm really impressed with Icinga 2 as a replacement for Nagios, and think I may have to come up with a plan to start replacing Nagios servers with Icinga 2.

(The only real catch is that our nagios servers are built in a completely automated fashion, via puppet, and much of that work won't transfer over.) I started a diet on March 3rd and have lost over 30 pounds.

Louth has also been a stand-out for the Minor County, featuring for Lincolnshire 42 times across the three formats dating back to his debut in 2008.

He has excelled over the past four seasons in the Championship hitting 299 runs at 37.37 (2013), 176 runs at 58.66 (2014), 242 runs at 26.88 (2015) and 471 runs at 58.88 (2016).

With his mother Leah choosing not to follow Vinnie into witness Protection she began to forge a new life with Dan.

They share many pictures with each other on social networking sites.

Bani has attended a private school Vivek High till the 7th standard.

In addition, he starred in the Unicorns Knock-Out Trophy in 2014 averaging 64, with a highest score of 94*.

Louth was also County trialist back in 2009, playing three 2nd XI matches for Northamptonshire.

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