How to become more confident in dating

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My mind would tell me things like “she probably already has a boyfriend,” and if I did try to talk to her then I would become super awkward and would barely even be able to say anything.I’m not going to give you some generic advice such as “fake it until you make it” or “just be confident.” You’ve probably already heard that enough times already.The reason most people fail to become more confident is that they spend their lives trying to build self confidence the wrong way while in fact there is only one way to do it.It is impossible to build self confidence based on fame, popularity, number of friends or the amount of money you collect.Here are 7 ways you can immediately become more confident in dating: Confident people look great.

In short, we never become confident when we acquire something because we are always in a state of comparing what we have to what we think we deserve.

Some of those people follow advice such as repeating affirmations, thinking positively or learning how to relax and in the end they find themselves feelings worse. ) Another group of people become arrogant as the result of feeling that they have so many resources that people aren’t paying any attention to.

After all arrogance is just a defense mechanism that people who feel overlooked develop in order to preserve their ego.

Step 1: Understand the Psychology of Confidence The first step is to understand how the psychology of confidence works.

Psychologists affirm that our self confidence level is built up in our childhood and that it can depend on many factors, such as education, attitude of our parents, level of self love, etc.

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