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Crying releases stress, and is therefore is a great practice when it comes to staying mentally healthy. Studies of the various kinds of tears have found that emotional tears contain higher levels of stress hormones than do basal (aka lubricating) or reflex tears (the ones that form when you get something in your eye).

And if you give me that OK I'll give you all my love today Ricky, Ricky, Ricky, can't you see Somehow your words just hypnotize me And I just love your jazzy ways Oh, MC Rick, my love is here to stay!" But that's true, that's why we never have no beef So then I washed off the soap and brushed the gold teeth Used Oil Of Olay cause my skin gets pale And then I got the files for my fingernails Due to the night and on my behalf I put the bubbles in the tub so I could have a bubble bath Clean, dry was my body and hair I threw on my brand new Gucci underwear For all the girls I might take home I got the Johnson's Baby Powder and the Polo cologne Fresh dressed like a million bucks Threw on the Bally shoes and the fly green socks Stepped out my house stopped short, oh no I went back in, I forgot my Kangol And then I dilly (dally), I ran though a (alley) I bumped into my old girl (Sally) from the (valley) This is a girl plays hard to get so I said "What's wrong?" cause she looked upset, she said "It's all because of you I'm feeling sad and blue You went away and now my life is filled with rainy days And I love you so, how much you'll never know Cause you took your love away from me" Now what was I to do She's crying over me and she was feeling blue I said, um, "Don't cry, dry your eye Here comes your mother with those two little guys" Her mean mother stepped up, said to me "hi" Looked Sally in the face and decked her in the eye Punched her in the belly and stepped on her feet Slammed the child on the hard concrete The bitch was strong, the kids was gone Something was wrong, I said "What is going on?Attached to the note was a file labeled simply SCARY. Yeah, the IM had come from her account, but she hadn't sent it. That night, Suzy's 20-year-old friend Nila Westwood got the same note, the same attachment. When she called her friend to see what she'd missed, things actually got freaky: Suzy'd never sent a thing.Melissa wondered why her goof-off sister was IM'ing from the next room instead of just padding over—she wasn't usually that lazy—so she walked over to see what was up. Unlike Melissa, she opened it, expecting, say, a video of some guy stapling his lip to his chin on You Tube. The girls pieced together the clues and agreed: Suzy's AOL account had been hacked.

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