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Finally, I had an awesome Phooka show this past week.

We all decided to play dress up, and with nice suits, dresses, and fake mustaches in tow, we delivered both a hilarious and a fashion-conscious performance.

Tapping-up - the practice of asking a player if he fancies a move to a club before officially approaching his employers - is as rife in football as it is in life.

Tottenham, Manchester United and Real Madrid have all been guilty of it in the past. And yet few attempts to sign a player can have sparked the response that Sir Alex Ferguson's pursuit of Dimitar Berbatov brought from Daniel Levy.

Although I refused to say the word “he” in choruses—because I wanted it to be relatable to everyone with different sexualities—I still made sure that this was an album effectively about love for a man from a man. I thought, “Finally I wrote something that literally explains every single unrequited feeling I’ve ever had in my life.” That lyric—“I’d never ask you / Cause deep down I’m certain / I know what you’d say / You’d say I’m sorry / Believe me I love you / But not in that way”—is something I’d say all the time to my friends about guys I met who were not interested in me. With this [first] record I only dealt with loneliness but the next album, the [themes] will be broader.

The chance to put that into music was a joyous moment for me and it gave a whole new depth to [the album] . A: I feel that with gay artists, the music tends to always be uptempo and happy. Strong voices that are appealing should be appealing to all. Even if everyone else doesn’t need that, I need that.

In The Richer Sex, bestselling author and Washington Post writer Liza Mundy takes us to the exciting frontier of a new economic order, showing why more households will be supported by women than by men within a generation and how both men and women will feel surprisingly liberated in the end.

She goes deep inside the lives of cutting-edge couples to paint a picture of how dating, sex, marriage, and home life are changing.

In other words, yes, I will be even more like Arthur Kade.In the words of the Tottenham chairman, Ferguson's comments, announcing he had made an offer for the Bulgarian, were "a blatant example of sheer arrogance and interference with one of our players".He said: ''It is also unbelievably hypocritical given his recent comments in respect of Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid.""Levy is learning two lessons about football.She also investigates all the new, sometimes highly personal debates born in a society that can no longer assume the male is the primary breadwinner.This wild ride into the future, grounded in Mundy’s peerless journalism, will cause women and men of all generations to rethink the meaning of this social upheaval.

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