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We've rounded up the funniest pictures of vending machine fails, from sarcastic notes left on faulty units to a cat finding his way into an appliance.Dozens have shared pictures of their hilarious vending machine disasters on Imgur, where some of these images have racked up millions of views.There is approximately 1 vending machine per every 23 people, according to the Japan Vending Machine Manufacturers Association. The pervasiveness and variety of Japan's vending machines isn't an unexplored topic.If there's one thing Americans returning from Japan appear to like to write/read about, it's the wild and strange products sold in vending machines.

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But some criminals last week chose a different target: vending machines.The retailer is testing a giant self-service kiosk in the parking lot of a supercenter in Warr Acres, Oklahoma, where customers can pick up online grocery orders without interacting with employees.Customers purchase and pay for groceries online, then Walmart employees pick and pack their orders and store them in bins in the 20-foot-by-80-foot kiosk.You have 1 hour.' One note helpfully points out 'DO NOT USE - numbers are incorrect.'But another message adds: 'Or do, if you like surprises.' It even lifts a few combinations that are guaranteed to deliver an 'ok' snack.Another vending machine note is written from the point of view of the appliance.

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